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5 Journal Prompts to Ease Anxiety

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Hi everyone, my name is Naomi (they/them) also known as The Glorious Hum. I am a Black Queer Femme, Grief Guide, Breathworker, and human being. I'm sharing 5 journal prompts to ease your anxiety. I hope you are able to use these prompts to help ease your anxiety, mind, and overall stress. Even if just for a moment.

The Prompts

1)Take a moment to feel into your body, from the top of your head down. Where is anxiety currently living in your body? What feels tense and tight inside you? Write about these physical sensations.

2) Are there any peaceful memories you can turn to when you feel anxious? Describe the memories using as many senses as possible: what you smelled, tasted, felt, heard, etc.

3) What five things help you cope with your anxiety/make you feel better when you're anxious?

4) Write a letter to your grief. How is it asking to be held/supported? How is it asking to be loved?

5) At this moment, what does your support system look like? Who are the people, places, animals, plants, etc. that make you feel safe?

About Naomi

I am a Black Queer Femme, Grief Guide, Breathworker, and human being. When asked, I tell people that the death of a mother figure brought me to death care, and the death of my own mother brought me to grief care. I was moved to begin this journey in 2014, after the death of a close mother figure. During her dying process, I unknowingly fell into the role of a Death Guide. I provided a safe, loving space for her to freely express her thoughts around dying. I sat vigil, held her hand, recorded her stories, and held space for the concerns of her family. Inhabiting that tender space with her/them was tremendous. Wanting to provide that same care for others, I completed my End of Life Guide training via Going With Grace, assisted as a Student Guide, and trained as a Hospice Volunteer. Right as I began this chapter of my journey, I lost my rock, my mother Evelyn in 2019. The pain of her loss has been deep, unimaginable, and eye-opening. As I sat with her in the hospital, helped to plan her funeral, and tried to figure out life without her physical presence, I realized how truly overwhelmed I was. From this place of overwhelm, I sought spaces where I was able to discuss my grief honestly and vulnerably. From that place, The Glorious Hum was born. With the knowledge I have acquired through training and personal experience with loss, The Glorious Hum provides a supportive container for the education/exploration of mortality and bereavement. Though my services are available to all, I center Black and LGBTQIA+ communities and their support systems. I look forward to the chance to walk alongside you.

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