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4 Ways to Style Your 'A Tribe Called Queer' T-Shirts

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

My name is Melba (they/she) I'm a fat queer femme that loves to express themselves through clothing and personal style. I'm sharing 4 different ways to style your A Tribe Called Queer T-shirts with you. I hope you get some inspiration and have fun playing with your fashion.

About Melba

Melba is an artist and cultural organizer from Pacoima, CA. Their passion for art, activism, and the fight for the liberation of all oppressed people guide her life and work. After attending UC Santa Barbara, Melba was a community organizer in the North East San Fernando Valley working mostly with immigrant women to create strong and thriving communities. They left that role to become the director of Creative Incite, a community arts program that worked with youth from low-income communities and with people on probation. In 2019 they left Creative Incite, went back to school to finish their BA and worked with CultureGap.LA promoting arts and culture events across Los Angeles. Melba has worked in social media with the Feminist Center for Creative Work, Maximum Fun and A Tribe Called Queer. They received a BA in Chicanx Studies and a minor in Feminist Studies. Melba loves to knit, dance, and play with makeup and clothes.

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